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The e-commerce.

Can i install the osCommerce and PHP on windows XP+IIS???


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I've just started to build my website, and i would like to know

if i can install the osCommerce,apche, PHP, and SSL on windows XP+IIS 6?

If i can, How can i install apache and add SSL support?


thanks very much in advane.



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You can install everything on windows, you will need to install a 3rd party smtp server to send email, otherwise you will get errors when creating accounts, order check outs ect ect...


Im not to sure about SSL as I dont use it, but Im sure its possible perhaps someone else could eleberate a bit more on that.


this store defintely runs more stable with less fuss on linux, I have a online store in linux and a development store running on windows 2000, with all the free MySQL, php installed..



word of advice:

the email side of things can be very troublesome on windows..

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I will tell you that, while all of my live projects are running on linux and unix servers, I do all of my development on Windows XP machines.


IIS works well.

PHP has no problems.

mySQL is also a simple install and configuration.


As far as Apache goes, you can use it. I actually installed it to work with, but decided against it as it isn't really needed to do osC development.


And for the SLL support......are you trying to do development or are you actually wanting to host your own site? As far as the development side is concernced you really don't need SSL in this respect.




Chris Sullivan

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first, thanks for ur comments.


i have 1 more question, in the install.txt file that comes with the MS1

i have several of basic instructuon how to install the following:





*and ZENP optimizer.


As u said, i want only to do the development on my computer,

but i kinda got loss with the apache server.

What do i need to download/install to run the osCommerce shop

on Windows XP+IIS, besides of installing the IIS of course....

If u have a guide or can u right it here i'll be very thanks full..





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Install IIS from Windows CD first then-


1. MySQL Database Server Free Download, 20 MB


2. PHP 4.31, Auto Install for Windows 1MB


3. Recommended phpMyAdmin Database Management Software 1.6 MB


the software above works great, also you can still use Microsofts Active Server Pages in this config and Frontpage Server Extensions.


other info:





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