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Hi there,


I have "tep_snapshot-20030222" installed on my website http://www.wildbillguarnere.com/store and I have some questions.


I'm moving my site from server "a" to server "b". I understand how to backup the data and point the store on "a" to database "b" so in the meantime, I was going to leave the physical directory on "a" and have "b" serve the data to "a" remotely...


With me so far?


Ok, so while I'm at it, I was hoping to install a slightly newer version of the store on "a" and upgrade the database on "a", so that when I do a backup on "a" and copy it over to "b" I have the latest version of the store running when I move the physical files over to "b"


What kind of issues am I going to run into if I try to put this newest Milestone on "a" and do an upgrade of the data? Does that make the most sense? Should I wait? What else can anyone say in terms of what I'm trying to do...


Any help from this learned community would be appreciated!


Thank you.

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I recently went thru a server move.


I found it better to do a fresh install of a new snapshot, re upload my product/customer data, and tested for about 3 weeks until i was satisfied. After that, pointed my DNS at the new server, and was up and kicking.


Here are the steps you'll want to look at:

* Install new MS1 or CVS on new server

* Clear out these tables on new database: address_book, address_format, categories_* (all that start with categories), customers_*, manufacturers_*, orders_*, products_*

* Configure your shop to your specs.

* On your old server (live), backup all the above listed database tables. Easiest way is to export, complete inserts

* Upload the extract up to your new server. No doubt, because the database structure changes from version to version, you may even want to just compare the database structure first. You will probably have to add some new fields into the new database to accomadate your live database structure. This takes forever, and is a pain in the a**, but is the only way to make sure you dont get any errors on your SQL import

* Test, test, test on new server.

* Satisfied ? Point your DNS to the new IP.


Now you see why i spent a good 3 weeks doing this. I wanted it to work right, with NO downtime.


Last, ive done this twice. I'm not an expert, but i have real life experience. Hopefully, im on a stable server for a long time to come, and wont move again.


Good luck - ill answer more questions if you have them... ;)

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