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The e-commerce.

Lost Password Not Sending


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I have checked more than once I have even downloaded MS1 a second time and tried to get this feature to work. It just will not send or if it is sending I am not sure where they are going I'm not getting returns on them or anything.


The password is being changed but no luck in recieving it in e-mail.


Anyone have this problem.????


I checked in e-mail options. send e-mails.

is set all the configurations.. anyhelp??


Please this is killing me and I need to get it to work.


I at least figured if it was a reverse dns problem I woudl have got back a error..


Help Please.....

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A new password was requested from 2xx.1xx.1xx.1xx.


Your new password to 'osCommerce' is:




I guess it does work :D


Good luck, zlack


P.S. Did you setup your mail client correctly? :lol:

It's easier to remember, then to forget

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well then i woudl think that for some reason mail is being rejected along the line someplace could be a reverse dns issue..


I guess i will need ot check a bit more.. thanks for letting me know you actually got something.

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Ok I'm back again still trying to fix this... I am not positive but i think it has to do with somethgin in the way mail is sent for oscommerce...


I have checked and have reverse DNS fine and I can send mail form my webbased and pop3/imap on the server.. no problems here.. but when oscommerce sends the e-mail it does not hit everyone. for some reason it's being denyied.


I can send via pop3 to a address and its fine i send via IMAP (same thign really) and its fine , I can send via my webbased e-mail on my server and it's fine, BUT when oscommerce sends it does not arrive...... i think it has to do with the headers.... anyone hav e aclue where i can cahnge some of this info????


here is the header:


Subject : New password for oscommerce

From : [email protected]

Date : 5/10/2003

To : [email protected]

Return-Path : <[email protected]> I think this is part of it it says the main shared host name not mystore.com


Recivied :(from [email protected]) this could be it as well..



i have checked messges sent via my webbased and pop3 and theses seem to normally refelect the sites name....



Anyone have any idea where i can force it to read correctly in oscommerce...


Please help I'm lost and it's really having a impact on things.


Thanks in advance..

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Snowman671 - What did you end up doing to get it to work? I've been fighting this all evening long for a client and while everything looks completely normal from a PHP perspective in general.php the mail is not going out. I'm waiting on the client to get me SSH access so I can test mail from the command prompt but would love to hear/read what you found to be the problem. Thx!

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