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wierd SSL problem


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OK guys, I've installed OSCommerce many times with no problems. I've installed the snapshot from a 5/5 of OSCommerce here:



Everything works fine, until you try to go to create an account on the SSL server. We have our own cert at https://secure.sportscardsayuri.com

It lets you fill out the form, then just brings you back to the page without registering you. Go ahead adn try it out - if you try and checkout with the email / password combo you just created, it won't let you



Now heres where it gets wierd - I used the autoinstaller of OSCommerce ourhosting company provides, although it installs an older version - it works fine with SSL - the url is http://www.sportscardsayuri.com/shop/default.php

You can go through, create an account in secure mode, adn checkout.

Go ahead and try that to if you want, you won't get billed :)



How come the latest version I have for OSCommerce won't work in secure mode? I've never seen this happen before - i know my path is set right in the configure.php file on the new install. Any ideas guys?




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It's working ... you have Company minimum length set to 2 and there is at the moment no error msg popup for that field to say ... field is too short.


Temp fix ... set the Minimum Length on Company to 0

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Also, if i try to login with the user already created i can login and checkout fine with the new one i installed. I just can't create a new user?

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