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The e-commerce.

We welcome comments and criticisms


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Standard OSC site. Maybe you should go in and tweak the css file to add your own look and feel to it?


You also may want to look into one of the thumbnail image contributions because your product images took way too long to load.

<? Hello There! ?>

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I agree about the images - incredibly slow to load.


For inspiriation for your site design, shots of your products blown up would make a good background.

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I see you have it centered and some great color changes!

And you managed to get it up and running, I see no Sql errors



Many of the people here have PHD's in php and forget how tough it was to launch thier very first adventure. :oops:


Good job and keep at it... my son loves your products!!


Here is a sugestion to help your page to load faster.

Crop all the photo's to the size you want them.

Then go into the ADMIN and in the config where it defines the photo sizes....take all the numbers out (leave them blank) and turn things to false... now the photo's on your site will be the size you croped them


and you can crop them small, instead of displaying them small...get my drift?


Have fun





Have fun



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Thanks everyone for the helpful comments. About the large images, I've looked and looked at all the various thumbnail contributions and I'm not sure which one is the best. I definitely want customers to be able to "click to enlarge" and get a decent image. If anyone wants to recommend their favorite way to do the thumbnails I'm all ears.


Thanks again,



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  • 2 weeks later...

OK everyone,


After testing various thumbnail contribs I've settled on Dynamic moPics because it was the easiest to implement without having to completely replace admin/categories.php (and lose all my precious mods in the process!) So now the pages should load much faster with the smaller thumbnails. I also put in the Header Tags Controller and Admin so hopefully the search engines will look upon us more favorably . . .

On a related note we've just been added to the Showcase of Live Sites and that resulted in a lot of hits.


Again, thanks for the suggestions!


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