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How can I upload 1000 photo thumbnails at once?


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How can I upload thousands of photo thumbnails into this software at once? Is there a way to use their thousands of thumbnails filenames as their product names? I am trying to see if this software can do better than Imagefolio software..... Thanks!

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To upload that many images, I would suggest using FTP to do it all in one shot (provided they are already named properly).


Then use Easy Populate to update the product records if the image name is not already in the record.

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There are some imaging programs out there that can do 'mass' processing of images, filenames, etc - i dont know of one right off the top of my head, but hopefully another user can suggest one.


If not...there's always google to help you track something like that down. ;)

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What do you mean "named properly" ... I don't want to type 1000 filenames in Easy Populate ....


there is an easy way to do this with ftp and Easy Populate, thus making life not such a b*tch as pointed out.


If you are familiar with ftp, go to your program and ftp the thumbnails to their own directory, named thumbnails or something else appropriate.


Now click on Dir Info or Dorectory Info. In WS_FTP this opens a notepad document with the directory contents listed in nice neat order.


Save that document to a file on your computer.


Open that document as a SPACE delimted file in Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program. Copy the filenames column.


To back up a step. you need to install Easy Populate which is a very easy to install contribution. Download your product database in tab delimited format if you have already typed them in.


Paste the images column into the correct column in Easy Popluate, I suggest using the image filename as the the Product model. To specify the directory is a bit tricky, but with excel exceedingly easy. Insert a column before the image name and fill it with the directory name followed by a /, like thumbnails/ then insert a column AFTER the image name and fill it with the command to concanate two columns. Sounds complicated and it is not. I have uploaded 3000 thumbnails and regular sized images this way in one of my stores.

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