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Get the session-id from an other frame


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i have a little problem with my website.

I have a page with 2 different frames, in the top frame is a dhtml-menu, in the bottom frame is the oscommerce-shop.


i created the menu so it has all categories from the shop.

My problem is: the links in the menu have no session-id attached. So when a user logs in and uses the menu, the session-id is lost and he must login again.


Anyone knows how i can put the session-id in the menu links? Remember, the menu is in an other frame as the shop.


Thank you!

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Come to think of it, there might be another way, too.


Add something like this at the very end of your catalog/includes/header.php:

<?php echo tep_draw_hidden_field('frame_sid', tep_session_id()); ?>


You should now be able to reference the sid in the menu-frame by something like this in javascript (not sure about the syntax):

sid = window.oscframe.frame_sid;

Greetings from Marcel

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