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The e-commerce.

About Online Help with camera !!!!!


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Is it possible to have an online help with a camera and the visitor will be able to see the person who's giving the Help ? Or to show online some products ?

Thank you Dear Forum

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There'd be alot of potential problems to that.


bandwidth for both you and the user would be used up. If the user is 56k, then they probably wouldn't want to go through all the trouble and pre-downloading to get a "slide show" presentation of the tech guy. Besides, most tech guys aren't really pretty, sometimes, the "veil of business" is better left in place. Someone once said that clothes are good because they hide our ugliness...


Although hey weren't speaking about ME :) most other people would fall under this category. :)


Anyway, this also means that only one person can "Chat" at a time, unless you have multiple tech camera people (and cameras)... and then you'd have to make a code routine that'd check availability on all the "cameras" and tech guys...


It's just not worth it, and even if I'd be on T1 while searching a site and wanted help, I wouldn't care at all to "see" who I'm talking to. What benefit would you get?

The old fashioned text chat is best, since it allows a tech to talk to more than one person at a time more fluidly anyway, and you can hide them behind a pretty picture of a supermodel wearing a microphone headset :)


(like so many do today)


jmtc (just my two cents)


PS: about showing products: just take good pictures, small size thumbnails but with large "fully enlarged" pics.

- - - -

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

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I set up live chat on my site, it hasn't gone live yet, but I'm seriously thinking about taking it off... There's alot of overhead involved... our company already needs more workers...


"Live" means that someone has got to be there, or close by... if they email us or whatever, we can get back to them on our time... and since our "flagship" products are over $5k and $20k (US), those people are willing to wait and look and see, they usually don't rush in to buy that stuff...


What stuff are you wanting to sell? In my experience, if you put all the answers on the website and give them easy navigation, you don't get too many emails... and from the ones you DO get, add the answer to the website...


A website should lower the amount of paid human worker time necessary to get a product sold. If it does that efficiently, then it saves money.


Just think about all those companies that are FULLY automated...


That's beautiful stuff... (as long as everything is working)


I'd just try my best to answer all of their questions BEFORE they ask them...

- - - -

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

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