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Bulk Import of User Accounts


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I have a client that I am helping move from an old, existing, non-osCommerce online store to an osCommerce-based online store. I have been given a database export of all of the Customer Account Information from their old online store.


Is anyone aware of a way to bulk import this Customer Account Info and use it to automatically create new accounts for them in the new store?


The database export that I have contains all of the information that would be required for an Account Creation in osCommerce... Name, Address, Email Address, existing password, etc.


So rather than have to manually create 3000 Customer Accounts, I would like to import the information... if possible.


Any ideas?



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I have imported information using phpmyadmin. I imported the exisiting information in excell and then arranged to columns to match the table structure of OSC, then exported the information as a CSV file and used the phpmyadmin to upload the information to the database.


HOWEVER, the information I imported was not account information, I'm not sure about the password encryption portion. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in too.

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The way I got around the password problem in another program was to assign random passwords and have the customer request their password and then they could change it back to what they wanted it to be, so to take the excel example one step further, you could use a formula or a fill function to create the passwords.

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I tried creating a User by directly inputing the User Information into the MySQL table, which is basically what uploading will do. But when I tried to login as that User, it didn't recognize the User/Password combination. I even tried to leave the password blank, but that didn't work either.


So I have determined that the only way to get this to work is to upload the User Account data and run it through the osCommerce Account creation process.


This means coming up with a script that will upload and read a comma or tab deliniated file and push the data through to the osC Account Creation process and mass create the Accounts.




I've found that the osC Account Creation process is made up of a few different pieces...








1. The first page is CREATE_ACCOUNT.PHP which calls /MODULES/ACCOUNT_DETAILS.PHP from within it. ACCOUNT_DETAILS.PHP is responsible for creating the Input Fields that are used and to bundling the data that has been input.


2. Once the required info is correctly input in the CREATE ACCOUNT form, CREATE_ACCOUNT_PROCESS is called. This file will process the information that has been input and send it to the MySQL DB.


Its in the above process (Step#2) that also calls /GENERAL/PASSWORD_FUNCS.PHP, which handles the encryption and decryption of the Password.


3. The CREATE_ACCOUNT_SUCCESS.PHP page appears when all of the previous steps are completed succesfully.


FYI... The User Account info is stored in 2 different osC MySQL Tables, the CUSTOMERS and the ADDRESS BOOK Tables.




Another thought will be the time involved with this process. Will it be able to stream the uploaded data and create the accounts immediately? Or, will there be a sight delay in between each Account creation as it gets processed? Then I wonder how long it will take to process and create 3000+ accounts.


With all of this said, lets get a few of us to work together as a Team to create a Utility that will allow us bulk upload, process and create User Accounts.


Any thoughts? Who wants in on the Team?


Let me know!



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I have the exact same problem, existing customers account list in CSV but have the same problem of password transfer.

I know when you create a user access rights in MySQL you have to use a special statement so that the password gets scrambled during the insert process, else it won't be recognized.

Has anybody made progress on this ?


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