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The e-commerce.

!!! French language pack (a complete one)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi do::


There is a file with some corrections to download.



So: Do you have the addfrench.php in the folder includes/languages ??

Are all the files beginning with account.php up to specials.php in the folder includes/languages/french??????


If there are titles missing go to the file (includes/languages/french) and add them to the file like:


define('TEXT_MAIN', 'Texte de bienvenue');


If there isn't a definition in the file oscommerce is looking for, you get the message (for example) "TEXT_MAIN" and not "Texte de bienvenue".


If there are to many definitions missing....you haven't installed it correctly. Give us a screenshot::::::: or a link.

So we'll find the solution.


just create...and sell..sell...sell.....

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Thank you for your help.


I have downloaded the one from "Xaglo" , Do I need to download the one from "Goose" ?


All the files are there from acount.php -> tell_a_friend.php , specials.php is also there.


I have changed the variable TEXT_MAIN and it correctly show the changes, BUT the other variables dont !


I have re-checked and the structure for the files seems to be ok:




I have noticed that the file french.php is SMALLER than english.php, german.php, espanol.php :


french.php = 10.39kb

english.php = 17.35kb

german.php = 18.14kb

espanol.php = 17.44kb ARE THIS SIZES NORMAL ?


I have added the french language using the localization from the admin area too.


I dont know what to do next!

Please advice.


Here is a link



thank you



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Seems to be an easy solution::::


You have to define the path in the admin.

Look at languages. You have to activate...french.


go to your admin...and tell oscommerce....the path!!!!!!


If it does not work...cry again. I'll be back on monday.

Don't worry.

just create...and sell..sell...sell.....

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