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view php code in page layout tables in Dreamweaver


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I have a complete php page which I want to include with the OSCom wrapper contribution. But I need to change the page layout first.


Currently the page has all its content and tables laid out in php.

In Dreamweaver 'code view' I can see all the code. Of course in dreamweaver 'page layout' view all I see is a BLANK page. Is there any easy way to see this page laid out with all the tables and cells and php code VISIBLE in dreamweavers page layout view? I could then simply move the php code icons into the cells i want.





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8) Dreamweaver is a bit off topic. You need to set up a data link to the database and also to the server that's going to parse your php scripts before you'll see any dynamic content in the page layout view. You also have to press the little icon that has a lighting symbol on it to have Dreamweaver fill in the dynamic content. Fortunately with Dreamweaver you can always press F1 for help :)

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