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Question: Linking Products in Different Categories


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I need some clarification if the linking feature will do what I am hoping!


I sell wedding and party supplies and some products I'd like listed in two categories (ie. daisy guest book in guest book section as well as daisy theme section)


The problem is that I know the search engines don't like to see duplicate products. If I use the linking feature - will an engine see the product listed twice or does it think they are two different products? Would the 'copy' function instead of the 'link' function make any difference to this? Or is there a different way around this all together?


I'm not too familiar with php or how the databases work, so any assistance would be appreciated.

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If you use link the products will be permanently the same, if you use copy it will create a copy which will start out the same, but can be edited. I'm not sure what Google preference is on either of these.

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Thanks, I am aware of the how the two different functions work on the shop side, but I want to know what effect each function may or may not have on a search engine.


I've spent a lot of time trying to search engine optimize my site, so I don't want to go and wreak it by using the wrong function.


Anyone else have any ideas??

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