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changing/updating php/mysql code concerns


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I am in the process of creating a store shop.solardirect.com (comments welcome; not live yet). My concern is: I have been making changes to the php code and mysql structure to fit my needs. When newer versions of OSC become available, how will I be able to (easily) integrate these changes into it? Are there procedures I should be following now to make this easier? Also, I just noticed that "contributions" are availabe. Same question applies; if you add one, how do you upgrade to newer versions? If I have a need, is it best to just hack the code to make it work, or is their a benefit to using contributions (other than saving time)?


Also, did I miss something...I can not find any central documentation on OSC. Is it available, or does one just have to learn by trial and error?


Any comments welcome.



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The documentation is at http://wiki.oscommerce.com. When newer versions of osC come out I think you will have to merge your changes into it. I use BeyondCompare by www.scootersoftware.com to merge two similar source codes together.

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One thing else i can suggest:


I have a 'live site', and i have a 'dev' <test> site.


Anytime i want to integrate a new module or test new code, i copy my live site over to the dev site, and implement my module there. It gives me a chance to make sure it works properly, saving me from destroying my production site.


Just a helpful hint....i know for a fact some users here just install any old module without testing first, and have problems later on.

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