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The e-commerce.

If nobody else does it then...


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I just wanted to say thanks to ALL those wonderfull members who are here almost every day to help newbee's and all other people to get to an error free osC.




I just was thinking back when i registered here at osC, and noticed that the same people are still here and are still helping others... just AWESOME !!!


2 thumbs up !



We all need to learn it once, how hard it may seem when you look at it, also you will master it someday ;)

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Cheers Robert,


What also encourages me, is that sure there are old faces hanging around, but also I see new people pitching in and answering questions.


I know I've seen you helping a few people out. :)


That's what the whole community is about, for all those newbies out there, fear not, we were all newbies once.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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I just wanted to add my agreement. The osc community are a very friendly, knowledgable bunch.


Thanks guys.






& since its nearly 4am here :shocked: , Goodnight! :rockedover:

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