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Featured Products Contribution Installation Help


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I installed all files, made the necessary coding changes, and then I get to the following part of the instructions, and came to a skretching halt:


Now you need to create the database table that will be holding the

 featured products.  You need to run the featured_products.sql file's

 contents in your favourite sql interface to your database, either  

 command-line mysql, or phpmyadmin, or whatever.

 Command line syntax for linux would be something like :

 > mysql -u USERNAME -p DBNAME < featured_products.sql

 Then type your password.

 Use something like phpMyAdmin or something, much easier.


I have no idea what the above text means. I believe it is giving instructions to create a database, named featured_products, but not sure the second part.


BTW, I tried to create a database called "featured_products", but it wouldn't save that way, it would only save as "featuredproducts".


I do have phpmyadmin, but is isn't making it easier!




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The featured_products.sql will create a new *table* on your *existing* oscommerce database....


Open PhpMyAdmin.....choose your current database from the drop menu on the top left of the page.... then scroll down the page to: "Run SQL query/queries on database"......click the "browse" button and browse to the featured_products.sql file on your hardrive>select the file..... click the "Go" button.... you should get a message telling you "Your SQL-query has been executed successfully"


That's it! :shock:

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Thanks for the help....worked perfectly.


However, I still get an error message on my default.php page...


1046 - No Database Selected


select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from configuration




Not sure where to start looking, as it seems like it is a DB error, but the DB itself seems to be working fine, as it let me add a product to it.

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The instructions for the that page indicate to add the following lines, which I have:






Not sure "how to add a db into the page...

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I finally fixed the db issue (for some reason all my database info, host, user, password) went away when I made my changes. Probably operator error.


Anyway, my default page looked all nasty too (again, probably my error).


So I removed the featured items contribution v 1.3.


I hear there's a 1.5 version that includes short descriptions? I can't seem to find it in the contributions section. Can someone be kind enough to guide me to it?


Thanks to all for their help.

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