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City Tax Rate capability in core system.


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I would like to make the request for a City Tax rate system in the core files for future releases. Or to at least propose that is added to the official "ToDo" list.


I'm not sure if the core Development Team is outside the USA or not, and that maybe this is why it hasn't been addressed as of yet? But in the United States, having an online store with a mis-managed tax system is a serious legal problem, and can end up creating a big can of worms for the store.


After several months of development on a site with a heavily modified version of OsCommerce at the core of the cart, we discovered that the tax rate system is totally unusable. This is one of those things that you presume must be already taken care of or the script wouldn't even be used in the US; and it's also the kind of thing that means I might have to uninstall and start over from scratch with another system, throwing away literally several hundreds of hours of work.


This isn't a question or a cross-post.... this is a Vote in the suggestions forum for making this a priority in future developments. Thank you.

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After several months of development on a site with a heavily modified version of OsCommerce at the core of the cart, we discovered that the tax rate system is totally unusable.


That is absolutely not true. There are literally hundreds of US based installations of OSC (I have several myself) that are working perfectly. What exactly is it you think isn't correct?

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One can't create City and County Tax zones.


I've been scouring the forums for several days and read just about every thread I can find on the subject. I've searched through the contributions on the main site without finding anything. At first I thought I was just missing something simple, because it seemed so obvious that it would be in there.


There have been workaround solutions offered, but none of them are serious options.


The Issue... In the state of Colorado, we have to charge State tax. The current OsC tax/zone system covers that no problem. But in the city of Denver we have City Tax that must be taken on top of State Tax; and not all Zip Codes in the city of Denver are under the City Tax law. It is against the law for us to sell something to a person living in Denver without taking City Tax online; it is also against the law for us to charge City tax to someone not in the City Tax zone, such as in Lakewood, CO which is a suburb of Denver.


So as things stand we either A) Don't sell to anybody in the city of Denver; or B) Don't sell to anybody in the state of Colorado outside of the city of Denver.


I've read hundreds of posts on this subject here. The only solutions given are to either charge them the inappropriate amount and risk legal action against our business, or create a CO-Denver zone that drops down in the list for the customer to select. But they can still run a transaction through without selecting Denver even if their account information says they live there. So we have to pay the tax anyway, and risk legal action from the local Denver Government. Neither solution is an option.


So that's the situation. If there is a US store running OsCommerce that is not using one of the above two solutions and their's is a legal solution for this, then I would lOve for them to post and share it. According to what I've read on the forums here, it appears that most are simply ignoring this and hoping they don't get caught. The company I'm building this site for draws the line at breaking the law though.


I had no idea that this wasn't covered by the shopping cart when I started working on it. We only found out three days after the site was live and taking orders.


So this is why I'm casting a vote for adding this capability into the core OsCommerce system. It should be at the top of the ToDo list for the american audience.

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