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I've got my Authorize.net system running, testing seems to be going well, but haven't run anything "live" through yet. One major problem though is that the "checkout success" page, which has a URL of secure.authorize.net, is completely comprised of broken images and CSS. I've scoured these boards looking for answers, but only found similar questions (unanswered). SOMEONE surely knows the answer to this, I can't image I am one of only :? a few!

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Definitely need some help with this. I figured out the CSS thing by absolute-pathing the CSS. I would hate to think that all of the images need to be absolute path as well. It would be too cumbersome to undertake! There MUST be a solution out there!

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Please do not bump your messages. They will be seen over time. If you have additional information to add, that is one thing. To just bump the thread to move it to the top is obnoxious to others on the forum. Thanks, Linda

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Finally! Someone helped me and now this post will serve anyone else who experiences the same problem:


It seems the checkout process is diverted to http://secure.authorize.net and it then calls the "success" page from there, thereby making the image links invalid. I didn't see any particular setting referring to this in the OSC module. How is yours set up? When testing do you see a redirect to the URL above? On checkout success, what is the URL in the address bar?


I have the same url showing in the window, BUT the page that shows is the oscommerce confimation page.


AT the AUTHORIZE.NET WEB SITE, I logged into my account and I changed my settings as follows;


Settings|Transaction response

-Transaction Version changed from 3.0 to 3.1 (after this change you cant go back to 3.0)

-Response/reciept URLS - these are blank for me, and show as "default"

Press edit and change "receipt method" link blank for descp.

-Relay Response URL - just left it blank

-Direct response delimiter Delimited reponse =Yes, Default field sep is ",(comma)". Encapsulation is blank.

- Receipt page is blank

Double check you avs settings. I reject only if zip doesnt match for testing purposes.


Thank you JayP for taking the time to go through your settings with me so we could resolve this problem!

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I'm having the exact same problem. I went through the settings listed and still get the same results. Is there anything I can do to have the order go back to my domain and away from Authorize Net? This is soooo frustrating! Thanks.

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This is an older thread, but I'm having the same problem. After CONFIRM ORDER it sends me to the LOGIN page with the address bar saying https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll but the page is my osC page, but busted images/css. It also logs me out.


The card is validated and charged, but the order isn't put into the database and no confirmation email is sent.


Any ideas?




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