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EP not splitting file...


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Ok I took a chunk out and tried, it gave me:


File uploaded.

Temporary filename: /tmp/php398Jzz

User filename: gallery_chunk.csv

Size: 596487


Upload complete


But nothing appears in my database. Are there any particular columns that can't be blank?

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I am experiencing the same problem, i just added like 45,000 products to my ep file, before it had only 1200 products and it was uploading fine...but now that i have added all these new products in the csv file...it wont upload -- its too big i think...its like 17mb!


I dont know what the split ep upload does...this is perhaps the one i should use? anyone know about this and can help?





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1. Just insert your products in the example file

2. Save it as *.txt (Tabstopp) file.

3. Upload the .txt File in the /catalog/temp

4. Use Easypopulate 2.60 "Import from Temp Dir (/catalog/temp/)"


Download at: http://www.multishop.ch/working_csv_file.xls


I used it for upload over than 10'000 Products without splitting.

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Sure i have uploaded over then 10000 Articles, but of course you must have a highspeed Internet connection.


Actually I use ADSL connection with a speed of 512 Download/128 Upload.


The .txt File that I have is 3.25MB and contain exactly 11924 Articles with only two Languages.

For the upload in the Temp directory I need about 3-4 minutes, after that I do the upload with EP 2.60 and about 30-40 minutes later all Articles will be listed successfully.

If you use a bigger file you have to use the split function, this function will create more files in the same directories (/temp) and every file will contain 300 articles, this number can be changed in the file Easypopulate.php about at the line 192.


global $maxrecs;

$maxrecs = 300;


After that you have to upload each files with EP.


Good Luck.

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can anyone think of a script that would search through my 45,000 plus products and automatically turn those products which dont have images OFF and unlist them in the shopping cart ? (they have the image names in the excel, but the images themselves are not uploaded yet)


This would save me an immense amount of time...



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