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Header Tags Controller v2.0 by Linda Header


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I am a little confused and hope someone can help me. I want to install the header tags controller v2.0 but don't understand something in the instructions.


It says the following:


Add the following new fields to products_description table. NOTE: The lengths can be anything you perfer to use.

products_head_title_tag varchar 50

products_head_desc_tag longtext 300

products_head_keywords_tag longtext 300


Where is the products_description table? I can't seem to find the file this is located in, I am sure I am just over looking it but I don't see it.



If anyone can help I would appreciate it.



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Linda is refering to your mysql database. The easiest way to access these files is with phpmyadmin, which many hosting companies provide as a "freebie" with your hosting account, so I'd look for it on their "control panel" or "manager" page...


anyway, it's straight forward from there, on your left is alist of the tables, you'll pic products_description


and then there's an add button that will allow you to add these new fields.


I hope that helped. You don't HAVE to have phpmyadmin, but based on the fact that you answered this Q, you're a newbie question, and would save time with phpmyadmin... besides you'll use it again most definitely.

- - - -

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

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