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Attaching files to emails


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I would like to attach the PGP-encrypted credit-card details to the order email going to the store owner. The tep_mail() function does not support this explicitly, and seems to be the wrapper for the email class (which does support it).


How best to fix this? Create a new tep_mail_extended(), or use the email class instead of the tep function. Also, where would one put the new function so it does not get trashed by the next upgrade?

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Dear BrightHorizon


All your customers' information ends up in the customers table. You should be able to run a simple query against your database.

mysql> SELECT customers_firstname, customers_lastname from customers order by customers_lastname, customers_firstname;


How does this relate to my question about email attachments :? In future, only reply to a topic if you are replying to it - don't use the button to post a different, unrelated question. I got all excited thinking I was going to get some help and ended up helping you instead :wink:

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