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Catalog Attributes


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Many groups of item have similar porperties, but this gruops is different. Exmp: Cellular phones have main price and very many tarifs. Name of groups define by vendor, items defines by models. And no place for tarifs.


If I add tarifs as product attributes then I lost many time. Please, add Catalog Attributes (like product attributes). Where admin can add similar price changes for group. Please.


I was wondering if the product catelogue features in osCommerce can handle orders that require properties assigned to each item. eg.


Item: Box of lego (500 pieces) - $12.99


and then choose quantities for the item such as:


-100 Green Pieces

-200 Black Pieces

-200 White Pieces


I have many phones from differents vendors and tarifs.


Alcatel 111 Tarif 1

Alcatel 112 Tarif 1

Alcatel 113 Tarif 1

Alcatel 111 Tarif 2

Alcatel 112 Tarif 2

Alcatel 113 Tarif 2

Nokia 000 Tarif 1

Nokia 001 Tarif 1

Nokia 002 Tarif 1

Nokia 000 Tarif 2

Nokia 001 Tarif 2

Nokia 002 Tarif 2

& etc.


Tarif - it's quota for price. exmpl:

Tarif 1 = Price + $1.

Tarif 2 = Price + $15.



How I can create attributes for catgories ? How add tarifs plans in phones category ? If I make all tarifs for all phones (personal atributes for each phone) it's look like ~5000 records. And if need change price for one tarif i need change ~300 records.


Any idea ? ...


PS Sorry for bad English.

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I can't apply taxes for catalogs. Only for products.


Look at this (it on Russian but easy for understanding)



All cellulars have main price (1st position in drop-down-list) and price+tarif (all other positions in drop-down-list). If I need change tarifs, I change it in one place. In osCommerce it's impossible.


P.S. Let's make the world is easy.

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