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how to remove the "welcome guest"?


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I was wondering if anyone new what files I need to take out if I want to remove the "welcome guest" "Create new account" text off my main page?


I went to public_html/catalog/default.php but could not find what I need to take out.



If someone can help me I would appreciate it.

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Text General Changes



Most of the text changes on each page are located in the catalog/includes/english folder


Q: Is there a place to change what the text says when a new customer signs up and/or purchases a product and then gets the email?

A: That would be /languages/english/create_account_process.php


Q: How do you edit the copyright footer text and link, and the color of the word

"required" text next to the boxes on the "My Account" page?

A: /catalog/includes/languages/english.php at the very bottom of the page

This is the default color of the word "required" #AABBDD


Q: How do you change the default.php introduction and welcome text?

A: catalog/includes/languages/english/default.php

You will need to change default.php in all of the language folders

You can also change the heading title names in here.


Q: How do you change the text that shows up in the top left on the browser window?

A: In languages/english.php on line 45

page title define('TITLE', 'osCommerce');


Q: How do you change the text like "Top", "Catalog" on the top bar?

A: catalog/includes/languages/english.php


Q: How do you change the words "click to enlarge" under the product graphic pic?

A: includes/languages/english/product_info.php and includes/languages/english/product_reviews_info.php


Q: How do you change the words "There are no products to list in this category." on the bar that comes up when you click a category?

A: includes/languages/english/default.php


Q: How do you change the words "Forgot your password? Click here" on the login screen?

A: includes/languages/english/login.php

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Dappa Dan


Thank you for your help, you gave me a lot of usefull information that I have used. But I still can not find where you change the "welcome guest and create a new account" that comes standard at the top of the default page.


We want to change this, it is turning some people off knowing that they have to create an account to purchase. We told want them to know this till they have their items in their cart.


So if anyone can point me into the right direction I will be gratefull.

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