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Template available for displaying links in center?


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Hi everyone... brand new to OSCommerce... used Xcart for a while.. but that thing was just TOO buggy for my liking. At any rate...


I am looking to have a link in one of the columns.. (no problem, there are countless resources on doing this)... and then having the link display information in the center of the cart.


Basically.. I want a form to display in the center of the cart, surrounded by the rest of the system, that they can fill out and submit (which will be emailed to me)... I can handle the form creation, sendmail, etc.. but am not sure how to display in the center.


So... is there a blank template somewhere with everything I need, but a blank center? Or is there some other way you guys can help me with this one? I'm sure it isn't horribly difficult, but not being a php programmer does have it's drawbacks... I know enough to make minor changes... I know I can figure it out given enough time.. but I really need to get this project out of the way, so I decided to ask here. Tried searching here, but haven't found the info I am after yet... I'm SURE this has been asked and answered before, so if you have a link, or proper search terms to find it, feel free to just share that..





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There is no blank center! :x What you would need to do is to create the page that you want and then add the page by changeing a few of the configureation files. You can find complete instructions that may be a little confusing but work great at www.oscdox.com.


IF you get stuck e-mail me back and I;ll see of I can help!!

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