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Product Attributes - Missing Option Name ??


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One of my Product Attribute Option Value has become detached from an option name - I.e the name field is blank. If I try to reapply it and perform an update it just ignores it.


I can;t delete it and add it again as products exist that still use it. When I add new products it does not appear as an option.


Any ideas?


I am using MS1 with the Alternative Product Attribute Handling Contri





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Hey, I am having this same exact problem with MS1. Has anyone figured out the cause/fix? I noticed this shortly after installing the following contributions, osc_attributes_mod2.02.MS1 and New Attribute Manager v4b. I need these contributions so I cannot uninstall them. Can anyone help? thanks!

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This issue is becoming quite disconcerting. The options that are left blank are causing real problems for my product attributes. I went through and deleted all the attributes that had a blank field in it, but it doesnt make a difference because the same problem will happen to yet another previously uneffected attribute. I am so frustrated I am about to start from scratch. If there is anyone who knows how to fix this PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! I really don't want to spend the time re-doing me store. THanks!

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