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Protx direct module and refunds


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Hey guys (and girls!)


I have Paul's MS1 Protx direct payment gateway installed and working correctly, however it only handles the payment side of things.


Protx require you to demonstrate the ability to make refunds as well as payments, so I need to write a refund section to this module.


My problem is that the more i think about what will be needed, the more in depth the code becomes, and the less likely i feel that i will be able to complete it to my clients satisfaction.


For instance, I first thought about just duplicating the payment code and changing the cURL string to reflect the information needed for a successful refund using the information stored by the direct module to payments_refunds table.


Then i thought about the amount needing to be refunded, and the fact that a customer might buy 5 things, and only want to return one - so you only want to refund part of the payment.


This then makes the requirement for keeping track of refunds and the amount refunded on a per transaction basis.


If your making refunds, this is essentially a credit and needs to be documented for tax purposes, and so on and so forth...


So my question for the other protx direct users is this: What are you doing for refunds?


Thanks for your time.

Regards, Jay.

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I'm in exactly the same boat as you, I just got it working yesterday.


I even looked into recoding it for refunds, but came across the exact same issues as you've thought of. The only to quick ways out I thought were:


* Write a module that allows 'manual' input of data. So you'd get a screen which allows you to select the customer, then you would manually re-input their CC details and how much you'd want to refund. But I'm not sure if protx need the exact 'payment' transaction details, and would only refund the 'paid' amount.


* Write the customer a chq!!!!


Apart from that 'bugger knows.. I'd be happy to get together with others to form a 'kitty' to pay someone to do it!?





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Hi John,


My customer has decided that all they want is a basic refund script that just refunds the customers credit card with the original amount. If a situation arises where a customer wants to return 1 product out of an order of four, they are simply going to generate a new order for the remaining 3 items and do it that way.


When i get some time (hopefully today) i'm going to sit down and see if i cant do this simple refund script.

Regards, Jay.

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ahhh, this would explain also all my test transactions do not show up either, I was wondering about that. Well looking at the whole process it might be easier to use the form at this time, and just customise it as best possible :roll:

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Hey Guys, just a quick update for those of you that are wondering.


My client decided that it was *highly* unlikely that they would ever really need to action a refund, and if they ever did, that it would only be on vary rare occassions.


With this in mind, I wrote a VERY simple refund script that just refunds the original amount of the transaction for that order, and logs the transaction status so that you cannot refund a transaction more than once. This satisfied Protx' requirements and now we have a the store live and running.


This was due to the fact that the client was happy to reimburse the full order and then sort out any 'part refunds' with a new order for the remaining parts.

Regards, Jay.

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Hi all,


I'm considering the protx psp but am now a bit concerned about the refund issue.


I thought that you could do the refunds through the terminal!


Tresseh: are you able to post your script?





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