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set shipping to 0 from a payment module


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When a customer want to pick the products up at our store he doesn't have to pay shipping. But, when i make a shipping module for that i have to disable the payment modules.


I know there is a contribution for that but i don't want to change the original osc code to much.


So it seems to me that using a payment module for that is better. The problem is that i didn't succeed to set the shipping costs (i use only one module) to 0.


Is it possible ?

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Thank you Linda, but i allready tried that.


It does set the shipping to 0 but at checkout_payment.php the customer still gets the payment selection screen, wich is confusing. We don't need payment methods after all in case of "pickup at store".


To disable that i need to change the standard code of osc. I don't want to do that because updating becomes much more difficult.


I am working on a order_total module that sets shipping to 0 for one given payment type, substract it from total_amount and maybe block the output of the ot_shipping module.




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