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The e-commerce.

Whats the localhost equivalent for setting CHMOD permissions


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Hi & Thanks for any hints


I am installing MS1 to my Localhost and are not sure what the equivalent chmod settings are for the directories.

Using xp


right clicking on folder and selecting properties only give 3 settings for each folder. Read only




But which of the numbers relate to which




and any others I may need



thank you for your help and time


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/catalog/includes/configure.php and /admin/includes/configure.php

are the only 2 files to do this to:

right mouse - properties - read only


You'll also have to put a tmp folder in the root of the drive where Apache is located (for sessions)

IE. If you have C:program filesapache....

make a directory C:tmp :)




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Thanks for your help Johnson & Smiley


For everyone wanting to setup a localhost, that is run you os commerce store on a windows box for testing, adjusting things or just mucking around with without affecting the live shop you may have, (Iam using XP Pro) here's what I did.


first step read this post from Johnson

2nd step read it again and follow it exactly




also read Smiley's comments above as you will need to change permisions on the two files mentioned AFTER you have run the install script. If you dont change the permission levels from Archive to READ ONLY you get the pink error messages when you visit you loacahost shop.

Smiley said to add a tmp folder , but if you use EASYPHP it has it already set for you


Also while you are at EasyPHP downloading it grab the local's file and follow instrustions included this puts an index welcome page into the Easyphpwww folder which is displayed when it all going well BEFORE you install OSC. Dont be scared that the EasyPHP is in french there is bit in english and you dont see any french after installing easyphp, durring installing easyphp the dialog box are in french just figure out which button says "next" and it works well and its free


I Highly recommend this program

Thanks to all that helped me :wink:

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