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Gift Vouchers - Bugs?


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A few issues:


#1. Does this work with Canadian tax? I have been trying to set it up so that it does not charge taxes on the Vouchers when purchased. I've changed the values a few times, to no avail. Currently this is what I have the values set to:


Include Tax



Re-calculate Tax



Credit including Tax



#2. Scenario: I have $12 in my voucher account. My order total is $11.70 ($10 + 1.70 tax). Only $10 is taken from the voucher account & 1.70 (the tax) is either charged by another method or "lost" (if no other payment method is selected)??


#3. If I chose not to use the remaining credit from the voucher account and choose another payment method, it still discounts from the voucher account?

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Are you using the standard osC tax module, or one of the Canadian Tax contributions?


If you are using standard osC then there should not be a problem. Can you post what you have the sort order set to for each order total module.


#3 I think this is a 'bug', the session variable that holds the original use gv setting is not refelcted properly if you skip back to the checkout payment page. I'll post a fix here later today.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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Thanks Ian for your help!


I am using the Canadian tax contribution. The sort order I have now for order totals is:


Order Total Modules


Gift Vouchers 5

Low Order Fee Not activated

Shipping 3

Sub-Total 1

Tax 2

Total 999

Members Discount Not Activated


I also noticed something else: If I am in the checkout process & I decide not to buy an item, I return to my shopping cart and remove the item from the cart. The cart shows the item is gone, but when I continue back through the checkout, it's still there and I am being charged for an item that is not in my cart.


Thanks again!

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I would need to take a look at the Canadian Tax contribution to see how it would interact witht the GV module.


As for your cast problems, I doubt very much that this has anything to do with the GV mod. Although you could try disabling the GV mod to see if your strange cart problems go away.


Do you have any other mods installed.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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Hi Ian! It seems the problems with my cart were with IE and how it was handling cookies. It works fine in Netscape. Seems like something has gotten messed up with IE :oops:


So now it just seems the 2 problems I am having is with the tax calculations & discounting from the voucher account even when it is not a chosen payment method.


Thanks for all your help :)

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