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Mods made in USPS.php versions 1.46 vs 1.47


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Is there someplace that I can go here to find out the details of mods made to a program?


I was installing USPS Shipping Methods 2.4 and in reviewing the modules, noticed that USPS.php version used in Methods 2.4 was version #1.46, but I started OSC with a snapshot from 4/13/2003, and my version of USPS.php is v1.47.


I reviewed the Diff file to see actual code changes and then examined the Methods version of USPS.php with my v1.47 to determine where to retrofit the 2.4 code.


But I am having no luck connecting to the server for USPS. That's a whole separate issue that we have 4 posts on with no answers yet.


So I am trying to debug my problem and share the solution, but I am new to php and Unix etc. When version 1.47 was created on 2003/04/08 do they go somewhere and place a detailed description of what was fixed/changed???


Also, I know this is a php question, but there are probably a lot of php gurus here, so I'll ask.


I'm an old mainframe guy accustomed to using things like expiditer and Ready-Trace commands for debugging. I seem to get lost a bit tracking down this php code. So far, the only thing I've done to help with debugging is place several "mail" commands and "echo" commands. But it seems that I can't put echo commands in like html_client.php (classes with functions rolled into it)?? Is there another command I can use? Or is there debugger software anywhere that will assist me in walking thru a php transaction like checkout_shipping.php???




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