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Returning Customers Can't Complete Order


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Is there a solution for this? I've been looking in the forum for almost 2 hours now . . .


We're using OSC for a newspaper - to sell subscriptions and classified ads. I have Purchase w/out Account ver.0.55 installed, and 1st-time buyers have no problems. Returning customers get a Fatal Error indictaing that a valid password wasn't entered.


I understand that if someone tries to purchase using an email address that's already in the database, they will be expected to have the password for that "account" - but my customers didn't actually create an account - at least not that they know of. I mean, I realize the add-on creates an account & password, etc. But the customer doesn't know that. So, for us, the "forgotten password" thing won't really help.


I saw a couple of posts that suggested creating a blank password - but isn't that a security risk? Does anybody have a working solution for this please?

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I use Password without an account v0.55 for a portion of my site where we have telephone operators inputting orders.


You are correct about the Fatal error.


This is because it only works with unique email addresses (usernames).


The next time that this email address is invoked you get the error.


To prevent this, we have a randomly generated 7 digit code prefix the email address.


Can the customer receive email receipts?...No..unless we remove the prefix...but then we'd have to re-apply the prefix or risk having the fatal error.


Can the customer log into their account?..No...these orders are handled by our phone operators...


My question to you would be this?


Why do you need to allow them to register without an account?


The only difference is once extra piece of information...a password?

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