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Tried everything but no go, HELP!


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Ok, i've tried understand the instructions on install but it just won't work. Here's a step by step of what I did:


1. downloaded 2.2ms1

2. unzipped and find files "tep_admin" & "tep_cata.."

3. transferred via ftp "/admin" & 2nd level "/catalog" to my "/public"

(I only have "/public" on my host and not "/public_html" is it the same?)

4. looked for install.php in "/catalog/includes" but don't see one don't even see configure.php in either admin or catalog. (I only see configuration.php in admin is it the same?)


What am I doing wrong?



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OK, I figured that I'm doing it completely wrong. I've gotten as far as copied "/admin" & 2nd level "/catalog" folders to my "myphpadmin" folder so I can edit the files. What I can't figure our is why don't I have install file in my "/catalog"? someone help pls.



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