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SSL Latency


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I am experiencing a latency issue with the third step in the checkout process. The checkout portion seems to hang on the confirmation stage.


I have spoke with my hosting company (www.smarterlinux.com) and they believe that the issue is within the "create_account_process.php", however, I looked at the url and the name is "checkout_confirmation.php". So I am not too sure what the issue is.


I invite users to create an account on my website and checkout. The order will complete, it just takes a while. I hate to state the obvious, however, it is sometimes nessicary, choose "Cheque or money order" as the payment option.




I have also enclosed a copy of the e-mail from my hosting company below.




Maybe I was unclear in my last response so I will try to rephrase. What I meant is that only the scripts that actually set up an account seem slow (I used "account_setup" generically). The actual file name of the script that seems to be the culprit is create_account_process.php. That script may (or may not) be calling other scripts to actually get the account set up...so I am referring to any scripts that execute to perform the action of actual account setup, "account_setup" scripts.


The fact that the performance problem only happens when those/that script(s) are running, and not when other SSLd scripts are running, seems to indicate that it is not the SSL tunnel that is causing the problem, but rather, the "account_setup" script(s).


It may be that the "account_setup" script(s) is(are) not running optimally...maybe the code could be optimized? Maybe something that the code is doing is taking an excessive amount of time (DB updates?) If you could include some debugging statements in the php code you may be able to target exactly what action in that/those script(s) is causing the problem.


Please let us know if you have any other questions or if you discover anything that would help us to help you get this problem resolved.



William Boyer

Email: [email protected]


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