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sql help


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can some one help me with this sql instructions i dont understand it


***If you have made some alterations to the Configuration Table you will need to change the '136' and '17' to represent the next configuration_id and sort_order(group 2) for your particular database.



INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ( 141, 'CVV Max Length', 'CVVNUMBER_MAX_LENGTH', 4, 'Maximum Length of CVV Number', 3, 19, '2003-02-20 10:31:00', '2003-02-20 10:31:00', NULL , NULL );


***As in the previous entry the '141' and '19' might be different if you have already modified your configuration table. The '4' is the value for maximum length of the CVV number which is needed for American Express cards (the 3 in the query is the group_id so don't change). If you just plan on accepting Visa/MC/Discover you can change this to '3' in the query or the number can also be changed in your admin tool->configuration->maximum values


this is from contribution CVV 1.23a

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