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googlebot generating sids why?


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i have the spider killer turned on in sessions


Click Count: 1315 Start Time: 11:24:28 Idle Time: 03:09:31

End Time: 11:14:14 Total Time: 02:49:46


Country: United States

IP Address:

Host: crawl9.googlebot.com

Originating URL:

11:14:14: /default.php/cPath/56/osCsid/46a2bc2d753



11:13:07: /default.php/cPath/217/osCsid/8b69e62c8b



11:11:54: /default.php/cPath/2/osCsid/0e6eb3b384e1



11:08:37: /product_info.php/products_id/images/met



11:03:03: What's New Here? /


11:01:16: What's New Here? /


10:54:07: /default.php/cPath/3/osCsid/d9e8b2fa6f6e



10:51:28: The FTD? Paradise Island? Arrangement /product_info.php/products_id/1447


10:49:56: /default.php/cPath/4/osCsid/024b282652a9



10:49:53: /default.php/cPath/207/osCsid/c764de6af9



10:45:57: /product_info.php/products_id/1081/osCsi



10:45:38: /default.php/cPath/217/osCsid/b2329aa6aa



<snip rest of hits>

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they might be old links from before when i was indexed without the spider killer


Most likely that is what it is.


You can watch the spiders and their addresses and see if the spider goes from the address with the SID to without the SID in the whos_online tabel or via the whos online in the Admin and also watch the time of last click.


I watched Google the other night for a couple hours and it was hitting old links ... tossing them and coming up with new ones.


When I had Google going nuts there were 1400 listings in the whos_online table and as fast as I could clear them ... they were filling up again.


Once I added the SID killer ... this dropped considerably. Now, the old links are getting tossed slowly but surely and this stays down to around 100 - 200 when Google visits ...


Fortunately it is not sucking down the bandwidth like it was and the customers are all able to go about their shopping unaware ... :D

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thanks linda

that's what i figured


Keep an eye on it though ... you get a zillion whos online entries that just keep flooding you faster than you can zap 'em and you could be missing a setting for blocking a spider. :shock:

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I was referring to dropping the whos_online table so I could see what they were doing.


The fast way to kill them is to add Burt's SID killer to html_output.php if you are not using the new snapshots that have the spider killer in it already.


Once you get them under control ... it will be a few weeks before you stop seeing them altogether.


They will come in on an URL with the SID but you will start to see it switch to an entry without the SID or just go away.


It will take time to get the new addresses into Google with the right address for the products.

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