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DHTML menu ... nice and easy


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I have received many requests by mail for the dropdown menu as found on http://www.tennisspeciaal.nl/

Below an explanation on how to incorporate the menu.


The code for the menu was taken from BrainJar.com. Due to the terms of use, I cannot publish the code on other sites, thus please visit


... and read the tutorial on how to use and customize the menu. Any accompanying documentation is a violation as well, but I don't think this small explanation falls into that category. ;)


For ease of use, it is advisable you use an external javascript file. I have called mine "menu.js" and saved the file in the directory "catalog/".


Simply paste


<script language="javascript" src="menu.js"></script>


... in all your main files residing in the directory "catalog/" right before the style sheet reference.


NB: if you already use an js-file in all your documents, then cut and paste the code into that file to save time.


Define the navigation file in "application_top.php" residing in "catalog/includes/"


define('FILENAME_NAVIGATION', 'nav.php');


In the same directory you will find "header.php". Include the following code right before your main table:


<?php include (DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_NAVIGATION); ?>


Finally you will have make the navigation file (nav.php) which contains the menus and submenus. How to build these is explained on BrainJar.com (the part with all the div-tags). Simply save all menu definitions in "nav.php" and make sure it resides in your languages directory, e.g. for english "catalog/includes/languages/english/".


Note that you can have different dropdown menus for different languages. These you define in "nav.php".


If you have any questions, you can send me an e-mail or pm.


Take care,


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