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Has anyone come across the problem that images for the product when clicked for the larger image is in fact the same size! ??


Is there a way around this? Presumably two images are needed unless scaling is taken inot consideration for the same image but this is not the right way to do ythis surely??


Any help would be good



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hey there,


there is two ways to solve your problem.


1. (dumb) save bigger images with the same proportions. the big image will be displayed as you saved the picture at first and the small ones will be resized by the browser. takes forever to load, and i really don't know why the second solution isn't integrated in OSC yet.


2. get the contribution called bigimages, which allowes you to select an extra "big" image in the admin interface by adding an extra col to the DB.


good luck,


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Might peek at Mo Pics as you have the thumb/large and 6 additional thumb/large ... or the dynamic Mo Pics if you want an unlimited number of possible images.

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Linda that looks just the ticket, I am running the latest milestone is it ok to install?  which one should I install?


Thank you

Andrew :)


I cannot recall if anyone updated Mo Pics to the new MS1.


If you like php, this is not horribly hard, just have to follow the pattern of how the original image is done for the 13 new fields.


If you need more than the main image and 6 additional images per product you might consider the Dynamic Mo Pics ...


Either way, you are in for an afternoon or two or three of fun ... :D

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