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The e-commerce.

Mass printing of new orders?


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I'm very new to osCommerce and was wondering if it is possible (vanilla or through the use of a contrib) to tell it to print all orders with a particular status?


This would be handy as the default status for new orders is pending. you could tell it to print all pending orders and when it's done it auto-updates their statuses to processing for example.


I ask this because it seems to be a royal pain to click on each new order, click invoice/packing slip, click file-print-ok, etc. One button to do it all would be good.


Thanks to anyone that can shed some light on this for me.

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search for Multiple Order Edit v1b in the contributions, that will do it...



We all need to learn it once, how hard it may seem when you look at it, also you will master it someday ;)

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If you can send my your catalog - or give me FTP access - I wilil sort this fro you...




I don't know about David but I know that you're the last person on earth I'd give FTP access to. :roll:


Well - He can send me his catalog then - JACKASS!!



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Multiple Order Update


But has anyone got it to work yet?

I have this mod working, and I am actually working on it this week to have it present all the orders on one big page, instead of links to all the orders. It will use the CSS pagebreak to allow you to just print them. I am hoping to have this posted this weekend.


Unless someone has already done this? :)

jackhandy - http://jackhandy.com

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Warren and Ron


I can understand you guys dont get on, and possibly the harsh comments are not needed, but at the end of the day why dont you just provide the fix people need Warren?


Even if they do give you FTP Access (Which incidentally I would suggest NEVER doing, espscially for an e-commerce store) that doesnt help anyone but the one person you do the work for.


Whereas if you gave the answer here on the forums you could help a potential 8044 members of the forums!


Tryand always give your answer to problems here on the forums, it is the best way.


And, please guys give it a rest.

The abuse aint needed.

I would have thought you would know better Ron, after all we have been through this before ourselves. :?


Onwards and Upwards guys! :D

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Does anyone make this mod acctualy working?


BTW: any hint on how to avtosave each order or packinslip to a separate flat file with e.g. an order number (model) for filename?


Didn't find any mod doing such things yet...


Thanks for *any* guideline in that direction!

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It works in MS1 but not in earlier snapshots.


I been trying for weeks to see why as I need it for an older snapshot.


I love what Jack Handy is suggesting which will really help.


Any chance someone can see why it work with MS1 and not earlier???

I can't see what can be that different, that would affect it this badly.

Basically what happens is when you go to click submit query nothing happens. Just noticed this error comes up when you try to edit an individual order as well:-


1054 - Unknown column 'orders_status_id' in 'field list'


select orders_status_id, date_added, customer_notified, comments from orders_status_history where orders_id = '3651' order by date_added






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My mod will do exactly what you need, the only difference is it takes all the orders of a specified status and dumps them to a pdf file. Then you download the file and print it out. You can also specify which status you would like to change the order statuses to.


Check it out



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Federico I have tried your mod as well as the multi order update and I get an error message when trying to open batch_print.php:-


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() in /includes/functions/database.php on line 13


Any ideas, I would like to see how yours works. Can you also make it to send emails to customer notifying them of the status change and maybe print to one big html file.



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Um... you got me on that one, that function isn't used in the script at all.

I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem? To help me look in the right direction. The main page should come right up as this


Just a basic page that doesn't call that data base function. I will look over the main batch_print.php file to see if I can find where the problem may be. Which version of OSC are you using?

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You wouldn't happen to have that version you are using still zipped up would ya?


I have only been using 2.2-MS1, I am not sure how different it is from the release that you have, but I woudln't mind tweaking it to work on the version you have, but I need a copy. If anyone could help me out with that. I would be happy to check it out.


Also adding the e-mail side to it and dumping it to html would be no problem.

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I will have a look.


I think I started editing it straight away before I realised it's worth keeping originals of the files.


But you never know.


I really want this to work for me sounds perfect!!



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