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Has anyone had success with Surepay Module?


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Hello all,


I'm curious if anyone has had success with using the Surepay Module or not? I've read through all posts on this forum related to it, and haven't found much info about it.


We installed it on our cart, and it's just been a nightmare so far. At first we discovered that the Curl libraries weren't compiled under SSL, so we had the server host do that. Then we spoke with Surepay, who gave us the Kriesler test page for running surepay under php.... that at first didn't test out. So the server host tried some other changes, and the test came through as authorized. Then we tried to run a test on our shopping cart, and it came back with a credit card error on a standard Oscommerc credit card error page. It was recommended that I re-upload the module and run a test with the default variables again... so did that, and then got a new error message back on a blank white page that says...


Curl error: 35 SSL: error:00000001::lib(0) :func(0) :reason(1)


Bascially, I'm wondering has gone down this road before; and if you have some insight as to how we should approach this. I'm completely stumped and getting a headache from the whole thing since we've been working on this for several days now. I don't know where to begin looking - whether it's a server problem, something wrong in the module, an OsCommerce issue, a Surepay XML<>PHP problem, or what.


If we didn't have to use Surepay, I'd just dump the darn thing altogether.


Any help or insight will be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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Has anybody gotten the Surepay module to work on an actual live production cart?


I'd like to know just so I can rule out whether the module is faulty or not. We got the Curl Library thing solved, and we can get an Auth test return from Surepay; but we can't get a Reference or Declined return, the final checkout_success.php page has a parse error in it when we add the code that the Reame file recommends we add, we can't run test mode under our Surepay account # and password (only with the test account/password)...


I'm just asking if anyone has gotten this to fully work before so we can decide whether we should keep working with this module or not. Thank you.

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Oh yeah...


I've installed several other 3rd party contributions and am running the latest MS1 Loaded compilation. So I've had that experience... it seems like this Surepay module isn't completely finished or something. And I can't find much information on it in the forums here. So that's why I'm wondering if anybody is actually using it in production successfully.


Thank you.

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Although I haven't the faintest idea what surepay is, I decided to enter the cURL error into google and it came up with:




curl.haxx.se is the homesite of cURL.


Maybe this helps a little... :roll:

Greetings from Marcel

|Current version|Documentation|Contributions|

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Wow.. thank you for taking the time to do that. You have a very kind heart.




Surepay is a CC authorization company that uses XML to authorize transactions. It's not readily compatible with PHP, and there have been a few PHP integration attempts that are available online.


We were able to fix the Curl Library issue, and our SSL is working just fine now. I've also spoken with Surepay representatives directly, and we were able to run a script test by Rachel Kriesler which showed that our Curl/SSL setup was correct. But running the same test in OsCommerce with this module doesn't work properly.


What I'm concerned about is that if feels like this module isn't 100% tested or something; it's got to work in a production environment for it to be worth all the trouble. So I'm interested to here if anyone actually is using it successfully.

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