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OrderCheck v1.2 Released!


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Get your fix here http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1168


here's a brief summary:


- Radical code changes in how data was being sent to SQL. I ended up using the process code from osC since I wasn't happy with what I had written on my own.


- Added OrderID column to the listing


- Added Code to check if orders match between "OrderCheck" and "Orders" ... Light indicators too!


- Erased the code that filtered out COD and Money Orders ... why? Ahh, thought it'd be nice to have a total backup system.

NewsDesk(934) / FAQDesk(1106) / OrderCheck(1168) :::

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:oops: instruction error found by a user :D


In the installation file for the catalog side I forgot to rename a file that is being called.


#### [ ADD ] ############################################################


//BEGIN -- OrderCheck

>>>>>>>>> require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . FILENAME_HOLDING_ORDERS_BACKUP);<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

//END -- OrderCheck



The filename should be ::: FILENAME_ORDERCHECK_FUNCTIONS



Sorry about the mess up. :oops:





Also, a word of warning until I can write the code for this. You need to stay on top of the orders. I noticed that the red/green light indicators will start to show wrongly if the ID numbers between "Orders" and "OrderCheck" are different.


ie :::

Orders 1,2,3,6

OrderCheck 1,2,3,5,6 <<< this will show correctly



Orders 1,2,6

OrdersCheck 1,2,3,4,6 (so far so good) and 7 (whamo .. 6 might be a bad order while in Orders 6 was fine and OrderCheck increased by 1 to 7 causing the error)


solution :: Provide a check in the regular Orders transaction to increase the Order ID count to match OrdersCheck.


any ideas?

NewsDesk(934) / FAQDesk(1106) / OrderCheck(1168) :::

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:arrow: forgot to mention .... this is not a fatal error or flaw .. just a indicator problem ... move and such will still work without hickups ... hope I'm not wrong :roll:

NewsDesk(934) / FAQDesk(1106) / OrderCheck(1168) :::

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OK, looks like I got this minor problem solved. Not too happy since you need to go into checkout_process.php and make a few changes.


So, before I go ahead and clean up code, fix the area found above, and add it to the contribution list.


Are there any requests?

NewsDesk(934) / FAQDesk(1106) / OrderCheck(1168) :::

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  • 1 year later...

Hi Moyashi


Firstly can I say this contribution solved a very big issue for me.


I have one issue remaining.


I am not using the autoincrement orderid, I am using the following


in file checkout_confirmation.php


$r1 = rand(1,9);

$t1 = date("zHis");

$insert_id = $t1.$r1;

$orderid = $t1.$r1;


and in file checkout_process.php


if (!$orderid)


//Generation of the order_id

$r1 = rand(1,9);

$t1 = date("zHis");

$insert_id = $t1.$r1;

$orderid = $t1.$r1;




$insert_id = $orderid;




The problem I have is that checkout_process.php is unable to see the $orderid that was generated by checkout_confirmation.php, and the $orderid is recalculated giving a diferent number in the holding tables to the one in orders.


The file ordercheck_functions.php can see this variable so I presume it is something to do with passing to the variable to the form checkout_process.php by checkout_confirmation.php.


I need this $orderid generation for the HSBC credit card module.


Can you help, please.



Raj Bangar


SimplySpice (UK)

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