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How would I add this in a box


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I would like to add this jirc into a box on the left and have the pop come up.. but how would I do this ?

here is the html for it




<script language="JavaScript" src="popup.js">



<body bgcolor=white>



<FORM NAME="UserInfo">

<TABLE BORDER=1 CELLSPACING=0 bgcolor="#FFFFFF" width=101 height="61" bordercolor="#FFFFFF" style="border-collapse: collapse" cellpadding="0">

<TR >

<TD align=right width="334" height="31" bordercolor="#FFFFFF">Enter Your nick<font color="#990000"> </font>

<input TYPE=TEXT NAME="NICKNAME" SIZE=12><font color="#990000"> </font></TD>



<TD align=center width="336" height="26">

<INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="ENTER" onClick="send()"><TD width="6" height="26">





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