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connection method link error


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I have searched and searched buy haven't seen this error on the forum ..

(I only find the the 'unable to determine page link' error but this is much different.



Unable to determine connection method on a link!

Known methods: NONSSL SSL


Windows 2000 Server (not my choice ;) )

Running MS1 with Quantity Controller 5.0(plus patches) and Family products mod (but error started even before family prods was added)


It is intermittent .. I actually thought I solved it by removing the languages/currencies boxes from the bottom of column_left since that's where everything starts falling apart.. no such luck.



Not a production site as of yet but the credit card module is live auth.net .. so don't ck out unless you want to be charged ;)


You may have to visit a few product pages to make it show up but it is most consistenly on the product_info page .. very bottom. You will also notice that the bottom info box in column_left is incomplete as well.


I have Ian's loaded v4 at http://411tactical.com/store/default.php and it runs without errors .. but the customer wanted the quantity controller mod so I had to start over :shock:

Something in the QC mod just isn't playing nice and I'm a bit brain fried from tying to figure it out.


Any thoughts on fixing this or posts that have discussed it will be greatly appreciated :)

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brain fried indeed ..

I mentioned column_left in my post above twice .. but it should have ready column right in both cases.


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I am getting that same problem, but only on the product info page. The Notifications box is incomplete. I am going to try to disable the notifications box, and see if that fixes it.

** God Bless **


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