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The e-commerce.

How do I properly customize the address forms?


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The address forms in create_account.php, account_edit.php, checkout_shipping_address.php and wherever there is an address form.


What I hope to do is to have a pull-down menu appear in Province/State: when Philippines is selected in the Country: pull-down menu.


I also hope to do a tertiary pull-down menu that will appear in City: when a certain province/state is selected.


The reason for why I want this level of customization is because afterwards I hope to develop a multiple flat rates shipping module which is only available for one area in the Philippines.


I hope someone can help on this. So far, I have managed to muddle through on my own, but in this case, I am worried that I might make a horrible mess and ruin what I've done so far.


This is the store I've been working on. It's my father's.



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An update.


I've managed to jury-rig a solution. I really doubt it's the best solution, but it seems to be working fine so far.




The Province/State: has a pull-down menu, and that pull-down menu is always there regardless of which country is picked.


I had to add additional zones to my sql database and edit create_account.php, account_edit.php, checkout_new_shipping_address.php with the code contributed in this thread:




Then, I replaced tep_db_input($country),$entry['entry_country_id'],

$account['entry_country_id'] in that code with the zone country id of the zones I had added to my sql database.


I'm still very much a beginner in PHP, so if you think I'm going down the wrong road with this solution, please tell me. I rather have trouble now than later on.

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i think that the solution that yen is offering it's not the best...

the best way would be to use layers i think...

when you choose a country, then a layer appears showing the province/states from that country... the problem is, who has time to code? i don't




patagonia, argentina

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