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chmod problems

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it takes ALONG time for me (and my 56k modem) to upload products via admin. in contrasts, via FTP i usually get rates of around 18kb/s.

therefore i would like to update my catalog via catalog/temp


however, when i try to replace the files in ftp, this happens

227 Entering Passive Mode (66,227,56,18,227,50).

Opening data connection IP: PORT: 58162.

STOR EP1051305080.txt

550 EP1051305080.txt: Permission denied


i have tried to change the chmod, but it just goes back to normal again. is this because it's a .txt file?


please help



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I have a similar problem because files I FTP are owned by me, but files that I upload through the admin belong to nobody, so I can't delete or overwrite them using FTP.

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There is a fix for the ownership of files problem around somewhere.....Sorry, I don't know exactly where though......Try a search for chmod or chown or maybe both.......

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i have found a way to overcome my dilemar


instaed of going via ftp, for some reason you can change chmod values by doing it through your server directly, so if your host has some sort of control panel where you can view and make changes you can do it this way. if not,


...Try using a php script to change the permissions on it. PHP scripts still run as nobody, so you should be able to change it to 666 so you can get write access to it. Once you do, I would copy the info to a file with a different name, delete this one, and then rename the new one back to the original name. That will give you ownership on the file.








echo(chmod("/path/to/file", 0666));






You'll see true (or 1) in your browser if it worked, false (or 0) if it didn't

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