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Need help?  You've come to the right place.  This post offers some general suggestions on how to get the help you need, quickly and efficiently.

With over 1.6 million posts, your question has likely been asked and answered already so try searching the forums first.  Using Google search generally produces the best results.  In the Google search bar, just enter osCommerce and a description of the problem you are having or a likely topic for that problem and see what results are returned.  You may get the help you need faster than you think.

If you can't find the answer you need using Google Search then perhaps someone on the forums can help.  Help is provided by volunteers, so please be considerate of their time, and provide as much information as possible.  Here is a list of the information you should provide.  Not all of it may be applicable to your particular situation, but providing as much detail as possible will result in a faster and more relevant reply.

1. Which version of osCommerce you are using? (you can find this at Admin > Tools > Version Checker).
    - Please provide the full version number, which is 3 or 4 digits ie

2. Also indicate whether you are using standard osCommerce or the Responsive (a.k.a. "Community Edition", "Community Supported") version.
    - If you are using version 2.3.4 or and are not sure you can check whether your site is Responsive (mobile friendly) by entering your website address here

3. Is this a new install or an existing store?
    - If this is a new install please be sure you are using the latest version of osCommerce which you can get here.

4. What version of PHP are you using?  (you can determine this by looking at Admin > Tools > Server Info)
    - If your ISP has recently updated the version of PHP they are using, it can cause a variety of problems.  Fortunately, recent versions of osCommerce have been updated to work with newer versions of PHP, so if you are experiencing issues with PHP, please consider updating your osCommerce software.
5. Now you are ready to provide a detailed description of the problem you are having, including if applicable, the steps needed to reproduce it.  
    - Providing a link to the page where the problem can be seen or if you are receiving an error message, a screen shot or the exact text of the message displayed is extremely helpful.  The more detailed information you can provide the better.  Be sure to obscure (***-out) sensitive information such as your server account name. If you need to show your configure.php file(s), remove or obscure the database name, user, and password!

Now that you've gathered the information needed, you'll need to decide where to post it.  

1. If the problem relates to an add-on that you downloaded from the apps area please see if there is a support thread for that add-on, and if so post your help request there.  Often the authors of the add-on monitor their support threads, and you'll get the quickest and most appropriate response there.

2. If your problem relates to a 3rd party product or template that you acquired elsewhere, then you should go back to the author or vendor of that 3rd party product and ask for help there.  They will be in the best position to help.

3. All other requests for help should be posted to the General Support forum.   Start your own thread instead of posting to an existing thread, even if they seem related to the problem you are having.   Your problem or the version of osCommerce/PHP you are using may be different and only serve to confuse others who are seeking help with a similar problem.  Ask a new question.

If all else fails or you need help updating an older add-on, or perhaps creating a new one, commercial support is also available.  Requests for commercial support can be posted here.

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