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Paypal Express returning cheapest shipping option to checkout confirmation


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I cant seem to find a working solution for this anywhere.

The problem I am having occurs only when the customer is NOT logged into paypal before selecting paypal express as their payment option.

Here is the general flow of the order process;

1. - customer finishes their order and selects EXPRESS SHIPPING

2. - Customer selects paypal extress as payment option

3. - customer is taken to paypal where they log in and see their order including EXPRESS SHIPPING (I think they can change this to standard shipping at this point, but we are assuming they do not). Customer confirms order on Paypal site.

4. Customer is sent back to checkout_confirmation.php - where shipping has reverted to STANDARD SHIPPING (with no option to change back to express shipping). Customer confirms order is forced to pay for standard shipping even if they want express.

both standard and express Shipping modules are based on the zone based shipping modules and work for other payment modules fine 

Any help would be greatly appreciated...  


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37 minutes ago, Portman said:

Hi @greasemonkey I had the old version on my active site and have just downloaded the new version onto my test site but I can only find version 5.010 (https://apps.oscommerce.com/fZMiN&paypal-app) which is what I have. am I missing something? 

Both my sites still have the same problem above.

Why not use the automatic update?

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sorry.. I confused myself, I have done the updates....

UNFORTUNATELY... thinking that having the two versions of Paypal express on my site may have been causing conflicts I uploaded the New version onto my active site and it has caused some sort of conflict... my Test site and my active site are identical, but when i try to add something to my cart in my active site I get an error (when paypal express is active) but I do the same thing in my test site and get no error... 

Looking on the error log on the server I think this is the error (sorry dont know this side of things at all);

[Fri Feb 02 07:58:33.327397 2018] [access_compat:error] [pid 611385] [client] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /home/creativ3/public_html/orders/images/home.html, referer: https://creativeabundance.com.au/orders/index.php?cPath=24

any thoughts? could having the two paypal modules with the same credentials running cause a conflict? or is it something else?

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I'm not sure if having 2 sites with the same credentials would cause conflicts.... probably tho...

Why not have your test site on sandbox credentials and your live store on live credentials?

I'm not sure @Harald Ponce de Leon ever updated the apps section with 5.018 -  That said I think the changes from 5.010 to  5.018 where minor (styling).

Again, why not use the auto update feature of the PayPal app.... it is truly one of the best features (I still have always taken a file and db back up before updating).

In your admin go to paypal ->configure

In the top right corner what is the version (you never said)? If under 5.018 you should see an update button/link (I believe it may look for an SSL if I recall).... click the link and it will update....

Read through the following 2 threads.... all details are there:


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Ok... I have updated the paypal app as above and got a sandbox account working on my test site (still nothing on my active site, but that is a problem for another day).

In the sandbox account however I am still having the same problem that I started this thread with - ie - returning to my site and forcing standard shipping.

Now that I am back to my original problem... any ideas what I can do?

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I'm having the same problem but I'm using the old PayPal Express payment module v3.1

Regardless of what shipping method the user chooses at checkout_shipping.php, upon returning from PayPal the shipping method gets changed to the cheapest method. This was all working fine a few months ago, and started acting up out of the blue. A change at PayPal I'm guessing.

I checked my configure.php and the paths are all correct and complete. What else could be causing this?

How do I ensure that the selected shipping method sticks throughout the PayPal Express checkout process? Any info is greatly appreciated.

I'd rather not upgrade to the PayPal app v5 if I don't have to, it's likely to cause more problems. Plus it was working fine just a couple months ago and I haven't changed anything since.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :D

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For the record, PayPal has changed the process on their end and this is no longer an issue. The user doesn't come back to the confirmation page, the confirmation happens on PayPal (with the correct shipping) and the user then comes back to the Success page.


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I don't think this is true any longer.  I think the instant update API has been deprecated and will be discontinued going forward.

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