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Editing Stylesheets - The easy way

seCret steVe

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I have noticed by looking through some of the post that some people are wanting to edit there style sheets. Some people use Word, Notepad, or Dreamweaver to edit there style sheets. but you dont get to see it change before your very eyes unless you save it and refresh your page to see how it looks or to see if you changed the right thing. Sometimes this can be a tedious job and it is one for a large stylesheet. A program i love and use greatly all the time is called TopStyle Pro. With this you can edit your stylesheets with ease. You can see it change infront of you....see if you changed the right one. It is possilbe the best and my most highly recommended tool for anyone that is editing style sheets.




Bradsoft has outdone themselved on this product. Makeing it the best stylesheet editor there is. As well you can do many other thing with it to. It is not just a style sheet editor it is as well. You can edit your php file and html files with it too.


As well if you are using dreamweaver as your main editor you can use intergreat TopStyle to be your css editor, here is a link for info on that:



Hope this helps people out on editing there .CSS files.


Enjoy and enjoy the power of TopStyle


NOTE: Please note this is not freeware nor can i provide it to you....please dont ask. Download the demo and enjoy.


Steven Pignataro

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