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The e-commerce.

Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you


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On 11/14/2018 at 1:08 AM, MrPhil said:

I watched it online after you mentioned it. Nothing really new to us, but a look at the young lawyer who drove this thing through, with a discussion of "whose data is it?".

Not GDPR-related, but covering a lot of issues in ecommerce, was a segment yesterday on "Marketplace" (marketplace.org for 2018-11-12) starting at 08:36 and running 4 minutes.

  • 70% of shopping carts are abandoned
  • being hit with unexpected fees late in the process is a big killer
  • need to create an account turns off many shoppers (want guest checkout)
  • many shoppers are so lazy that they can't be bothered to fish out a credit card, and would like to use something like ApplePay, available with one click
  • shoppers want simplified information gathering -- three fields for the phone number is so much work, compared to a single phone field
  • stores need to encourage impulse buying, or most shoppers won't be excited enough to complete the purchase
  • if anticipated delivery time exceeds 48 hours, many shoppers will say "forget it"
  • many online shoppers are not serious about making a purchase, but are in it for the experience
  • suggests a need to discourage coupon use (?? that would seem to discourage buying even further)
  • Amazon Prime effect: need to divert marketing budget from coupons to lower cost/free shipping to attract customers

End Times, anyone?

This is so to the point, very well and simple explained. Gdpr is a hassle..

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Am 10.2.2019 um 09:19 schrieb JcMagpie:

Intresting artical, did not know PCmag was still around!

As many suspected this was never going to protect people from those that are determined to abuse privacy laws and many still do.


Spam is as strong as ever, cold calling continues apace and marketing company's have found and exploited loop holes in the regulations.


The number of complaints are a drop in the ocean. Compare the 60k complaints to the billions of data interactions taking place on the internet alone each day.


I’m not sure a 44m fine will make much of an impact on how Google works! A few less bean bags maybe?


The data genie is out of the box and too many people rely on this for generating profits, they will not give up this cash cow just because the EU makes a few regulations.


I imagine they will be spending a lot more that 44m in finding ways to get around the regulations.


You may ask the question Is GDPR a farce?

Interesting article about it


Same here, did not know that PCmag still exists :-) But good to hear. But in my opinion cold calls have decreased significantly over the years. i don't know if there is a connection with data protection, but especially here in germany there are far fewer data protection violations than before. Another thing I would like know is if I could place my cookie message and data protection link into the head menu of my website or if this is not enough?

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