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New problem with Paypal Payments Pro (Hosted)


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Have been using a version of this labeled some time ago as official Paypal (not the current version in the add-ons section) on osCommerce 2.3


Suddenly this morning customers clicking to confirm order got a blank page (and a security warning in some browsers - but I think that is a mistake).


It turns out that a call to curl_exec in includes/modules/payment/paypal_hss.php causes the failure.  This looks like a standard call to establish iframe credentials and something like it appears in other paypal payment modules. 


Does anyone have any ideas as to why this should suddenly be failing after several years of more or less reliable functioning?  Or how to debug this?

I'd be amazingly grateful for any suggestions.



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I don't know if its related, but yesterday, an overnight cURL update on my server did not go right or something, because I had the complete paypal failure situation just like you described until I did a graceful reboot of the server and all was suddenly resolved...


hope that helps


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I seem to recall hearing recently about security updates to PHP installations that affect cURL. Have you asked your host if they have just done any upgrades? Might any of them restricted the use of cURL? You might want to search this forum for "curl" and "security" keywords.


How out of date is your osC installation? The only one that is really up to date is 2.3.4BS Edge -- everything else is broken to some extent. If you are using any add-ons, check that they are updated and are compatible with your osC version.

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