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Never reach checkout_success although purchase successful, sometimes no email sent


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Trying to get this running with a fresh installation of 2.3.4BS, Paypal Standard, Paypal App 4.039 and today with 5.000.


Customers buys ->  is directed to papal ->  pays ->is directed back into my shop (to checkout_process although checkout_success is specified as Auto retun URL on Paypal website), and lands in the shopping cart with a note that his shopping cart is empty.


Especially in case of downloads it is important that he reaches checkout_succes to find the download link but ne never does.


Sometimes he gets an email, sometimes not .(OSC always says email sent) .. in the order history at OSC admin I see the status from preparing changed to 'money received,' but then preparing again (see screenshot, this is only in the history, the order itself stays at status 'money received', customer can download from his account 'view my orders' page, or via the link in the email (in case he gets one).


I searched the forum and found many with similar problems but hardly a solution...




Paypal: auto return on, to checkout_success (full URL starting with https://www....),PDT on, (also tried with checkou_process as auto return, same result)


OSC: Paypal Standard, PDT token entered, all three API credential and merchant ID entered


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I might have solved the problem myself...


I admit I am not a programmer but reading and trying to understand that paypal_standard.php I made this change:



// unregister session variables used during checkout


      tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_success.php', '', 'SSL'));






It was checkout_process.php before. Works now for me for the first time, as it was in my old shop. :D


Makes me wonder about two things:
- why was it to checkout_process? I want to confirm that the purchase was successful, and give the buyer the download link for downloads.

- is there any good reason why I should not edit this line?

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- is there any good reason why I should not edit this line?


Hmm, it seems stock quantity might not be reduced, and there os no confirmation email ... :wacko: 

Is it for this reason that it goes through checkout_process again? This one also ends with the same unregister code, in fact directed to checkout_success there! But it never arrives at that line, as my customer never reaches the success page...

And which file sends the email? There is almost identical send-email code in at least checkout_process.php, paypal_standard.php, and standard_ipn.php ...??? confusing..

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