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PCI Compliance?


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Can anyone tell me if I will have PCI compliance problems using the Braintree Add-on for osC 2.3.4? I notice it does not use Braintree's iframes solution. I would rather not have any card data touch my website. -Thank you!

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I'm not familiar with Braintree, only having briefly looked at its website. There wasn't anything that jumped out at me saying that they handled credit card data entirely on their site (like most of the PayPal models), nor did they say that you would be handling such data (and thus require PCI compliance). I think that if you've already dug through their literature, and haven't found such information, that you're going to have to ask them. Specifically, does credit card information ever touch your site, requiring PCI compliance? Or is the customer taken to their site to make the payment?


My understanding of PCI is that if credit card numbers, CVV, etc. even pass through your site on the way to the payment service, that you have to meet certain security requirements (not just SSL usage). It's even worse if you are going to store any of this data, even briefly. Updates and corrections are welcome.

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A little more detail. The add-on: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9080

Add-on calls https://js.braintreegateway.com/v1/braintree.js
Add-on uses "data-encrypted-name" on the CVV and Card Number input fields only. All others are "name."
I do have SSL on my website.


Does anyone know if not using 'name' in a form field can stop that data from touching my server?

Would doing so only on the card number and CVV fields be enough for PCI?


I did just send this question in to Braintree, but would I like to know what other people might know about it.

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The module is PCI compliant (both older module version and newer App versions). The card data never touches your server - Braintree process it directly via javascript and return a token which the module uses. The same goes for stored/vaulted cards - this is safe to enable for your customers.

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